Vesta provides a cloud-based interface for supplier entry of product data.

With real-time updates, Vesta lets retailers build a 'single source of truth' product database, that remains
accurate over time.

Vesta Collect
Secure and real time product data sourcing from your suppliers
Vesta Cleanse
Data is validated at supplier point of entry to ensure it meets retailer specifications before being accepted
Vesta Connect
Maximise the value you get from your PIM or E-commerce system by populating it with quality product data
Managing near 400 suppliers and hundreds of thousands of product sku’s manually is a very labour intensive, time consuming and frustrating at times. Using Vesta has allowed us to eliminate 90% of the manual tasks that is involved with managing supplier price and product data. We were able to improve on our product attribute offering to our network as well as create a single source of truth for all our product related needs.
— Eugene Lowrie

Vesta provides a platform where you can collaborate with your suppliers in maintaining a “live” product database that is updated in real time.

Streamline your business with Vesta

Increased productivity

It takes time to manually enter new product data accurately into multiple software systems and to ensure that product data, images and video stay together when sent to the point of sale.

With Vesta, this time consuming manual data entry is no longer needed and you can get hours or days back currently spent chasing and inputting product data.

Single source of truth

Product information spread between different folders, dropbox, ERP, POS and E-commerce systems can make finding information difficult and it can be hard to know if the information you do find is accurate.

Vesta is Cloud based, with real time updates, meaning you have a reliable single source of truth for your product data to share across your business and populate your business systems.

Increase speed to market for new products

Are you missing sales for new products from having a slow process of bringing them to market?

With Vesta you can cut days or weeks from your go-to-market workflows. Accelerate the process from initial ranging through to online listing.

Improve efficiency of your PIM and E-commerce systems

PIM and E-commerce platforms are important tools in managing your product data and driving your e-commerce success. That is why we partner with the world’s best.

Vesta works with these systems to maximise the value your business can get from them. Vesta collects and cleanses the data that you can then populate your PIM and E-commerce store with. The higher the quality of the data put in, the higher the quality of the output you will see.

Reduce Errors

Manually entering new product data inevitably leads to human error. These small errors often lead to bigger consequences that take time to fix. Also an error in one business system may have been passed on to other business systems, which then needs to be checked and updated.

Vesta Validation tools will ensure that data flowing in from suppliers has met certain quality criteria, improving completeness, accuracy and normalisation of the data.

Increase online sales conversions

To create a better product experience online, the need for complete, high quality product data is essential. The consumer can’t touch the product, turn it over, or ask questions like they can in a store, so what is listed on a website needs to do this job.

With a complete, high quality product listing, more product will be sold and there will be less returns.

Vesta can help collect the product information necessary to populate your online listing and help maintain a high quality standard for the data on-going.

Case Studies

Toolware finds faster and more accurate data sharing

With Vesta, Toolware have cut the time it takes to share data by 98% vs other systems.

Vesta and VTH show how great data increases revenue for their clients

Working with brick and mortar stores to create an online presence. Vesta makes it easier to collect and manage product data.

HBT has over 650 members and tens of thousands of products

Vesta created the HBT Product Directory to help everyone stay up to date with a single source of information.

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