A new look for Vesta


We’re happy to introduce you to our updated identity. Along with our altered name, we’ve also changed our logo and freshened up our brand colors.

A name with a funny little history …

We’re named after the brightest asteroid in the sky, the VESTA asteroid.

After an earnest joke uttered from one of the founders of our organization: “where do you think data will live after the cloud?” … “Space”.

This light hearted joke led to a brainstorm of ideas around the boundless nature of the company. In case you haven’t heard of the Vesta asteroid yet, it’s one of the most sizeable bodies in the asteroid belt and it’s known for shining far brighter than its counterparts.

Working together we examined our market place and how we can best identify to our audience; also, we desired an identity which would capture Vesta’s brand history.

The outcome was to first simplify our name itself - our recent name alteration has shortened from our previous name ‘Vesta-Central’ to ‘Vesta’ and the new font we’re now using has a flow, with each letter rolling onto the next - as if it’s moving. This new name gives a simplified and sleek overtone conveying the smooth and quick movement of our organization.

Also, we’ve adopted a uniquely designed full-stop at the end of our name, created to look like a flying asteroid. We’re proudly mimicking the boundlessness of space, as Vesta has been built on the aspirations of infinite growth. We believe Vesta has the ability to help grow companies exponentially. That’s why this new asteroid logo will sit front-and-centre of our Vesta-Bot, representing what we can do, and the problem we can solve.