Jasper PIM


Easily manage, improve and publish products to major distribution channels

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with JasperPIM, fully integrating Jasper PIM Lite into the Vesta platform – granting users a greatly expanded toolset to organize and optimize data.

Categorise, edit and manage new products with ease
Improve the merchandising and promotion of your products to increase sales
Manage Vendors in 1 place
Open up your distribution possibilities

A PIM frees you from time-consuming manual processes.

Store, organise and distribute your data efficiently. Product Information Management (PIM) systems connect the dots for a streamlined approach to data management.

Implementing Jasper is a quick and easy procedure, Vesta will sync directly into the PIM making it ready to use from your start date.


  • Vendor management and completeness overviews allow you to monitor vendor progress
  • Set up automated workflows to collect product data from your suppliers, then map and merge it into a normalized format
  • Giving you more complete and accurate product information to flow directly into your Jasper PIM and eCommerce platforms


  • Providing a singular master data management system (MDM) for all team members – increasing throughput, while minimizing data errors and redundancies
  • One location for full merchandising, publishing, export and management of product information
  • Full content management system across all your channels and languages in one simple portal

Vesta with Jasper PIM Lite

Vesta makes managing large volumes of product data profitable and simple – providing automated workflows to collect and cleanse your data, giving you accurate and complete data flow via simple connections into your PIM or E-commerce platform.

Together, Vesta + Jasper removes the overwhelming barriers of manually managing product data, making information management easy – handling diverse sources of product information, optimizing workflows, minimizing redundancy, and enabling growth and scale to new markets.

The addition of Jasper PIM Lite to the Vesta platform provides businesses with a truly comprehensive solution for all data collection, normalization, enrichment, management, and syndication.

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